Primula vialii 'Alison Holland'

Primula vialii 'Alison Holland'


Something a bit special and new to us. 'Alison Holland' is a white-flowered form of Primula vialii (which normally has purple flowers opening from red buds). 

This was first introduced at the Chelsea Flower Show in 2016 and then promptly sold out, until now.  Availability is still relatively limited, so it's probably a good idea to order quickly.

Grow this like the usual Primula vialii, in cool moist conditions. Partial shade is best, although full sun is fine in Scotland if it's not allowed to dry out at the roots. They can be tricky and short-lived in hot dry gardens.

'Alison Holland' will come into leaf quite late like the straight species Primula vialii, so don't panic if it doesn't get going until April/May.

  • Flowering: June, July

  • Height: 30cm

  • Size: 9cm pot

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